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  1. How am I able to get an application to apply for “Subject Matter Experts Needed For Examination Development Program” I was unable to find anything useful under “Whata New”

  2. I have had a company? call me on more than one occasion to say that my computer has a virus and they are authorized to fix it. The company calling is MCI Telesy @ 1 213 737 0014. It isn’t the first time that this company has called. When I mentioned that I was going to call you, they quickly hung up. I believe this to be a scam. How can one stop this? . I am a senior if that makes a difference.

    • Hello Joanne, Although we do not regulate computer virus cleanup, you are on the right track. One sign of a scam is when someone offers to help you with a problem before you know you have a problem. If you didn’t ask for help, tell any caller “no thank you” and hang up. If you are still concerned afterword, ask a family member or friend to help you. Remember very few things are so disastrous that they can’t wait for you to find out more information. If you want to stop the calls, contact the Public Utilities Commission (800-848-5580) and your phone company to discuss your options. Until you find a good solution to excessive calling, you might get an answering machine with a message, letting all callers know that you are screening your calls and will return the call shortly.

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